Mid-Continent Conductor provides specialty drilling services (conductors, ratholes, mouseholes and cellar holes) for oil, natural gas and disposal wells.  As a compliment to the company’s specialty drilling services, Mid-Continent Conductor mixes and stores water-based drilling mud and operates a fleet of vacuum trucks for transportation and delivery of drilling mud.  Mid-Continent Conductor operates a specialized cementing (transportation, mixing and pumping) truck which allows for safe and efficient cementing services.  Mid-Continent Conductor also provides its customers with cellar, conductor, rathole and mousehole liners as well as other complimentary and associated consumable products, in conjunction with welding services, which facilitate constructing the initial portion of an oil, natural gas or disposal well in virtually any type of soil condition.

Mid-Continent Conductor’s employees take pride in their workmanship as well as their customer service. The company believes in providing its customers with the highest value-added service in a safe and efficient manner. Additionally, Mid-Continent Conductor takes great pride in providing its customers with a highly-trained, motivated and professional workforce which can safely perform the highest-quality work every time.

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